• Appointment: 15 min Nurse + 15 min Drs
  • Medical Service Fee $155 + Lab fees at doctors discretion  (ie. Syphilis, Hepatitis Bs antibody, Hepatitis Bs antigen, HIV)

New Zealand Defence Force

NZDF Medical Examination Record (Application)
NZDF Medical Information

Standard Medical Assessment

When company or patient request a standard medical and they haven’t been given guidelines or checklists to follow.
Please use DOR’s standard medical form, then add or remove any requirements as you see fit.
Inform receptionist of any additional test (ie. ECG / LAB / SPIRO (this requires  etc).

30 mins Nurse appt + 30 mins Doctor appt

Standard Fees

$225 Medical (adjustable depending on time taken to complete medical)
$ 47 Audiogram
$ 35 Urine Drug Screen
$ 15 Alcohol Breath test
$ 322 Total

Additional Tests

$ 47 ECG (extra 15 mins)
$ 27 Mini Spirometry (extra 15 mins)
$ 60 Full Spirometry (extra 30 mins)
$120 Spirometry Challenge test (extra 60 mins)