Immigration FAQ

Why do I need to pay a deposit to secure an appointment?

When you make an appointment, we require a deposit to secure your appointment. If you make an appointment at the medical centre, we can take a deposit then and give you instructions on what you need to do for the medical.

If you cannot come in, you can ring us to arrange a time and make an online payment. When the deposit is received or online payment is confirmed, an appointment will be arranged and this will be usually be within a few days or on your preferred date.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but this policy has been introduced due to too many missed appointments.

Should I do the full Medical and Chest X-ray Certificate or the Chest X-ray Certificate only? How often am I required to do this exam?

You are responsible for confirming with NZ Immigration your medical exam requirements. We are unable to determine which certificate you should do or when and how often you are required to do the exam as everyone’s situation is different. If there is any change or cancellation after the exam is commenced or completed, we cannot reverse charges.

Can I eat or drink before my exam?

You can eat and drink before the exam.

However, if you need to do blood and urine tests, you should drink enough water beforehand to be well hydrated. This is so you can have enough urine for the urine test and to get the best results for the blood tests done.

The blood tests do not require you to fast.

Can I do the medical when menstruating?

(Women only)

We do not perform the urine test for women who are menstruating as this affects the results. You can do everything else on the day and come back later for the urine test. Normally menstruation will not affect your medical exam results (except for the urine test) unless your period is very heavy.

How long will it take?

This depends on what is required for your Immigration Medical.

If you need a General Medical with Xray, please allow 1.5 hours for the exam for each person.

Limited Medical and children under 11 years takes under an hour for each person.

If you require an Xray only, this usually only takes 15 minutes.

When will I get my results?

The result usually takes 2 working days. But it may take longer if there is any abnormal result or delay at the laboratory for any reason.

What happens if Immigration New Zealand asks for further tests?

Immigration NZ may ask for further tests or investigations if there are any abnormal medical findings or concerns. You will normally receive a letter or email from them if they require extra tests. Please bring the letter/email to so we can advise your next steps and arrange for the appropriate tests or investigations.

What happens if I have any existing conditions or any abnormal findings from my exam?

Please bring in all your medications and/or specialist reports if there are any. You can discuss the details with the nurse and the doctor on the day of your exam or at the follow up appointment. We will try our best to give you advice regarding what other tests or investigation may be required, so that you can have all the information ready when you submit the application. This will normally make the application process smoother and quicker. However, we have no control over the requirement and decision on your application from Immigration New Zealand as they require all applicants to have an acceptable standard of health. For more information on the requirements of Immigration New Zealand, please look at their website.