Enrolment at Doctors on Riccarton


Enrolling with Doctors on Riccarton means that you nominate our practice team as your regular healthcare provider in order to gain benefits which include government subsidised doctor’s visits and reduced costs on certain prescription medicines.

While enrolment is voluntary, should you decline to enrol or are ineligible, you will be charged our higher, casual patient fee.

Due to capacity, we are only offering enrolment to the family members of our currently enrolled patients at the present.

Am I eligible to enrol?

You are eligible to enrol if you can answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • I am a New Zealand citizen OR
  • I hold a resident visa or a permanent resident visa (or a residence permit if issued before December 2010) OR
  • I am an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident AND able to show I have been in New Zealand or intend to stay in New Zealand for a least 2 consecutive years OR
  • I have a work visa/permit and can show that I am able to be in New Zealand for at least 2 years continuously (previous permits included and provided they are continuous) OR
  • I am an interim visa holder who was eligible immediately before my interim visa started OR
  • I am a refugee or protected person OR in the process of applying for, or appealing refugee or protection status, OR a victim or suspected victim of people trafficking OR
  • I am under 18 years and in the care and control of a parent/legal guardian/adopting parent who meets one criterion in clauses a–f above OR in the control of the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development OR
  • I am a NZ Aid Programme student studying in NZ and receiving Official Development Assistance funding (or their partner or child under 18 years old) OR
  • I am participating in the Ministry of Education Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship scheme OR
  • I am a Commonwealth Scholarship holder studying in NZ and receiving funding from a New Zealand university under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Fund.

What do you need to do?

All patients are required to fill in a registration form when you first consult with one of our healthcare providers. This is so we can record your basic details in our system and identify you for medico-legal purposes.

If you choose to enrol you will need to complete an Enrolment Form. An enrolment form is an additional form which you need to complete and confirm that you have chosen us to be your main healthcare provider.

The proof of eligibility for enrolment is required. This may include a passport, visa status, NZ certificate of citizenship or a NZ birth certificate*.

* NZ birth certificate – Not all patients born in NZ are eligible as parents’ eligibility may need to be considered as well. For these patients, parents must also provide proof of eligibility.

Health Information Privacy Statement

We strive to ensure any information we collect about you as a patient is stored in the most secure way. We understand your privacy and the confidentiality of your patient records is very important to you. Please click here to read more on our Health Information Privacy Statement.

More Information

For more information on enrolling with General Practice, click on this Enrolling with a General practice including Health Information Privacy Statement 2024 or go to the Ministry of Health website.

For information in Chinese, click Enrolling with General Practice – Chinese.

If you have any questions regarding enrolment, please speak to one of our receptionists.