Please ring 03 348 8989 during our opening hours to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can book an appointment through the patient portal Myindici.

Appointments are approximately 10 to 15 minutes long. Some appointments may take slightly longer, some appointments will be shorter. Please note, if you come in with a list of issues, you will be asked to schedule another appointment. This is out of courtesy for the patients who have appointments after yours. If you think you need more time, let the receptionists know and they will schedule a longer appointment. There are extra charges for extended consultations.

Virtual Phone or Video Consult Appointments

We encourage patients to arrange a phone consult if they use a landline or a mobile phone, and a video consult if you have access to a computer or Smartphone that enables video functions. This new way of consulting keeps everyone safer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Normal consultation charges apply. A text or email will be then sent to you with payment instructions.

At the end of the phone/video consults, your prescription will be emailed to your pharmacy if medications are needed.

Sometimes, the doctor may still need to see you in person for a physical examination. Your doctor will inform you if this is required.

For more information on Telehealth, click here.


In the event of a life threatening situation (such as a collapse), please contact emergency services by dialling 111.

Urgent presentations, not requiring hospitalisation (such as chest pain, excessive bleeding, shortness of breath or minor burns), can be fitted in without an appointment. A triage nurse will assess you first.

Home Visits

Home visits are arranged in very special circumstances only. Usually, we ask patients to attend the medical centre as it is fully equipped.

Nurses Appointments

Doctors on Riccarton is staffed by experienced Practice Nurses who continually update their knowledge and skills. Our nurses can take blood specimens and consult with you for:

  • health screening or assessment
  • cervical smears
  • stopping smoking
  • lifestyle advice
  • freezing warts and sunspots with liquid nitrogen
  • vaccinations for travel or employment purposes
  • IV administration

Our nurses can assist you in managing chronic conditions such as:

  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • asthma

A nurse consultation fee usually applies.

Our nurses provide free:

  • childhood immunisations
  • b4 school checks

X-ray Appointments

Doctors on Riccarton is equipped with an on-site X-ray facility for X-rays required for Immigration Medicals, Accidents and Employment Medicals.

Book appointments by phoning 03 348 8989.

We accept X-ray referrals from all external health providers.