Champion Flour Milling Ltd

Champion Flour Milling Ltd are owned by Nisshin Seifun Group in Japan.
They are involved in flour milling. They operate 24/7 in 2 shifts of 12 hours per day, although they only work a total of 9.5 hours as they have 5 extended breaks. Workers do 4 days on, 3 days off.


Services provided by Doctors on Riccarton

  • Pre-employment medicals
  • ACC consultation

Appointments will be booked by one of the following HOD staff members:-
Samantha Scott
Renee Porter
Shane Fox
Yolanda Maris
Cory Berney
Craig Finnie


  1. Urialysis
  2. Urine Drug Screening – if these are non neg for marijuana, it is company policy to NOT WORRY about it
    if these are non neg for any other drug, then SEND URINE TO LAB – but this must be done by a nurse who has Chain of Custody certification ie Selena, Lynne, Vivian and Carolyn
  3. Visual Acuity – Aided and unaided, Colour Vision
  4. Audiometry
  5. BP and pulse rate
  6. Spirometry only if required – Selena or Vivian for this
  7. Xray only if required


  1. Check systems. It is not necessary to do any blood tests UNLESS Dr feels it is necessary.
  2. For Return to Work after Injury or Illness – company processes CARE-Process
  3. For ACC CARE-5B-Work-Capabilities-Statement


Medical Service Fee $200

Audiometry $47

Urine drug test $35


All invoices are to be sent to: with the reference 537655 and patient last name

Alicia Cathro
Health, Safety and Environmental Co-ordinator
Champion Flour Milling Ltd