Criteria Standard Evidence
12.1 The practice ensures the practice has and follows active infection control procedures aligned to NZS 4815:2006 and/or NZS 8134.3:2008.
  • Documented policies and procedures aligned with infection control standards. A designated infection prevention and control lead 
  • Completed Infection prevention and control team training and induction. 
  • The practice monitors the effectiveness of each sterilisation cycle.
  • The practice ensures current calibration and validation of the steriliser(s).
  • Completed team sterilisation training records as applicable
12.2 The practice ensures it has and follows active health care waste management procedures aligned to local bylaws and NZS 4304:2002.
  • Documented policies and procedures aligned with standards and local bylaws for management of health care waste
  • Describe how these policies, and procedures are followed.
  • Puncture-resistant sharps containers display biohazard symbols in accordance with NZS 4304:2002.
  • Describe the location, use and disposal of puncture-resistant containers.
  • Completed team training/induction records as applicable.