New Zealand Fire Service



  • Appointment: 30 mins Nurse + 15 mins Drs
  • Please ask patient if they’re asthmatic. If yes, advise follow up appt maybe required to carry out a spirometry test. But we’ll have to seek approval from NZ Head quarter first to find out whether it’s necessary to do this.


  • Check if patient had completed Section A, signed & dated.
  • Examine patient to complete Section B & C.


  • Dr to complete Section E.

* Any tests required, please contact NZ National Headquarters in Wellington. See cover page for contact details.

DO NOT CARRY OUT ANY TESTS  unless approved or if patient is happy to pay. DOR will not be giving patient refund/reimbursement if s/he wishes to perform any tests prior to approval.

If any history of asthma, and approved by NZ Fire Headquarters to do a Peak flow/Spirometry –> Please see Selena or Vivian. They’ll need to contact patient to come in for a 60mins Spirometry appt.


EM/MF: $150  (time only)
Others: TBA, only when approved

Email invoice & forms to:


Jane Yates 04-496 3716 or Lynsey Nault 04- 474 4815
Accounts Payable Enquiry: 04- 496 666