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  • Appointments: Health Assessments – 30 mins Nurse

Services Provided by Doctors on Riccarton

  • Pre-employment health check

Pre-employment Health Check Process

  1. Reception to make a 30 minutes appointment with a nurse. No form is required.
  2. Nurse to check BP, Vision test (Near and Far vision – Corrected only), peak flow and Audiogram.
  3. If requested by the company for extra urine drug screen and/or alcohol breath test, reception to annotate on the appointment template and nurse to do the extra tests. See below for all charges.
  4. When the appointment is completed. Nurse to produce a letter including the results. Use the template called “DMT (Davies Tree Medical)” to produce this letter. Change the results on this letter if abnormal and change the urine drug screen and alcohol breath test results to “not requested” if these two tests are not required. 
  5. Nurse to give this letter and audiogram result copy to Ling. Also give Ling the Urine Drug Screen result if this is requested.


Pre-employment health check $
Medical -including BP, Vision, Near and Far (corrected only), peak flow 60
Audiogram 47
Total  107
Urine Drug Screen (if required) 35
Alcohol/breathalyzer Test (if required) 15

Administrator/Contact Person

Contact person: Ruth 03 323 8002
Email: daviestrees@xtra.co.nz

Address: 571 McLeans Island Road, McLeans Island, Christchurch