Baxter Healthcare

Baxter Healthcare is a large Australian/New Zealand company which develops and manufactures products for haemophilia, immune disorders, infectious diseases, kidney disease, trauma, and other chronic and acute medical conditions.

The Christchurch centre is an aseptic compounding pharmacy as well as a warehouse and distribution centre.


  • Appointments: Health Assessments – 15mins Nurse (30mins if they’re stock/store person applicants) + 15 mins Dr
  • Baxter Healthcare will always ring for an appointment for their employee or employment applicant.
  • A purchase order number is NOT required.

Services Provided by Doctors on Riccarton

  • ACC (incl. needle stick injury) – employee to bring in incident form
  • Annual Blood tests for CBC and LFT (off site visit)
  • Pre-placement health assessment (= pre-employment medical) Click here for more information.
  • Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) physical. Extra 15 mins nurse appt on top of Pre-placement health assessment
  • Please give all medical forms and results (blood results may take a day or two to come back) to the administration to invoice.

Pre-placement Health Assessment (PPHA) Process

  1. Fill in the Baseline Comprehensive Health History PRIOR to the appt and bring this with them on examination day.
  2. Dr to fill in the Pre-Placement Health Assessment Form with the patient during consult.
  3. Provide a physical assessment corresponding to the position (see *forms below for health requirements of the different positions).
  4. Bloods tests required – CBC, Creatinine and Full LFT (Medtech lab form – LABBAX)
**Book appts for Kent only (Colin to give advice or backup), they only want to deal with 2 drs at most.

In Summary, forms to complete are:

  • Baseline Comprehensive Health History
  • Pre-Placement Health Assessment
  • Physical checks, either Pharmacy requirements or Warehouse requirements. Stock/store person will require additional PIT Testing

*Plus physical check below depending on applicant’s position

Additional Practitioners Instructions

If a patient’s urine dipstick is +ve because the patient is menstruating, Baxter do not want it redone, they simply want a note written against the result to explain the reason for it.


Pre-placement health assessment $
Blood Tests (CBC, Creatinine, Full LFT)Costs subject to change aligned with SCL
Total (medical + blood tests) 230
Audiometry (if required) 47
ACC (Baxter will pay the patient surcharge) $
ACC Consultation 52
 Xray  50
Annual Blood Tests $
Blood Tests (CBC and Full LFT) TBC
Nurse Time (onsite, travel, paperwork) per hour 95


Email the completed PPHA form, along with blood test result to:
Amy Gow ( OH Specialist)


Enviromental, Health and Safety Advisor NZ

33 Vestey Drive, Mt Wellington
Auckland 1060
P: 09 574 2438   M: 027 523 254

Recruitment officer in Australia for NZ and Australian employees