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  • Appointment: 45mins Nurse + 15mins Dr
  • Print Employment Medical Form and give patient the DL9 (Driver’s Medical Certificate). Click for Employment Medical Form
  • Ask patient to fill in page 3 and 4 (questionnaires) and page 1 of DL9 (Drivers Medical)

Doctors and Nurses

  • Complete DL9 (Driver’s Medical) & check license expiry date.
    License Renewal –  Please give completed DL9 to patient to take to AA for renewal.
    Pre Employment / Annual Check – We hold onto the form. But, If patient failed, the examining doctor needs to notify AA and Kim.


Vision Test (with & without correcting lenses)
normal talking 3m away.

  • Complete ABG Employment Medical Form – the Health Assessment Template is on page 4 (you can skip detailed instructions on p 1 & 2).
  • BP
  • Blood Test (random lipids, HbA1c)
  • Urine Drug Screen
  • Urine dipstick
  • Audiogram


$170 Medical
Lab charge (calculate on the day)
$ 50 Audiogram
$ 45 Urine Drug Screen
$ 50 ECG (if required)


Email ONLY the HM3 Fitness to Work certificate and invoice to Robert Eden (General Manager People & Culture) and CC Anushree Patwardhan (Talent and Acquisition Advisor.) This is the only verification they need regarding their employees’ ability to work and all other info is to be retained on file at DOR.

Should there be a problem with an employees’ fitness to work, this should be indicated on the HM3 certificate.

Anushree Patwardhan

Contact: 021 544 195

Robert Eden


21 Epsom Road