Acceptable Forms of Identification


It is a requirement of Immigration New Zealand that we ensure that the person who presents for the medical examination is the same person identified on the medical certificate. This is done by photo identification.


Photo Identification

Passport photo identification is the most acceptable form of ID (we require your passport number as well). However, if this is not available, and there is a good reason for this, then you may use an original

  • Certificate of Identity  (provided by Immigration NZ – INZ 1052) or
  • Refugee Travel Documents

These must contain your photo, name and date of birth. Immigration New Zealand do not deem certified or ordinary copies of these documents as acceptable forms of identification due to the risk of fraud.

With eMedicals, photocopies of passports, expired passports, driver’s licences and National ID cards are no longer acceptable.

People who are unable to present their passport because Immigration New Zealand is holding it.

Generally, Immigration New Zealand do not require a person’s passport until an application is lodged.  People who require an immigration medical and/or Xray would generally be in possession of their passport because at this stage they have not yet lodged an application with Immigration New Zealand.

There may be some instances where Immigration New Zealand is holding a person’s passport, but it is the applicant’s responsibility to present an acceptable form of identification for the medical/Xray examination.  Immigration New Zealand will return an applicant’s passport upon request.